I've got my Pentax, there's an indoor flower show at the conservatory, my scanner's working and I'm ready to roll. Let's start out with a few images from the Chrysanthemum Show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, images hosted on my space at Photobucket.

There will, naturally, be far more to come, especially if I find a camera that is designed for temperatures below 40 degrees. That's positive forty Farenheit. At the time of this writing we've already seen nighttime temperatures drop below zero, so I suspect that Midwinter temperatures are going to be low this winter. The snow is already building up. "Woo hoo?", you ask. Maybe. The hiking during such a winter is certainly not very comfortable, but it is picturesque, especially when the icepacks start to build up on the Lake, steam rising around them. A winter without ice and snow is still uncomfortably cold in Chicago, without the redeeming feature of offering sights seen in no other season. We had a string of such winters, but this one promises to be far more interesting.

The question arises, how to record the interest, as the severe cold can destroy cameras. Maybe this is the year to play around with pinhole photography? Time to do some reading.

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